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Monthly Subscription

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Lifetime Subscription

39,99€ 19,99€

Lifetime Subscription

FOREVER, without recurring payments

Annual Subscription


Annual Subscription

5 days FREE trial





Constantly updated


Order and cleanliness!

Sorted by system folders and free of duplicate versions


Maximum compatibility

Formats supported by major emulators


Covers and info included

Compatible with Recalbox, Batocera, RetroPie, LaunchBox, RetroArch...



All BIOS already included


GB and more GB

Thousands of GB in retro (and not so retro) games

How does it work?

1º.- Make your subscription on this website.
2º.- Create an account in 1Fichier with the same email address you use to pay your subscription with us (IMPORTANT!).
3º.- Once you have confirmed your 1Fichier account, let us know so that we can share the shared folder with all your games.
4º.- As soon as we share the folder with you, you will be able to access your 1Fichier account and you will see all your games listed by Console.
5º.- Download the game you want and use your favourite emulator to play it.

Where can I play?

The games are in standard emulation formats, so you can use the most popular emulators for each platform.
Some of the supported platforms are PC, Android, RetroPie, Recalbox, Batocera, etc... If there is an emulator for the platform you use, you will be able to enjoy the games on it.
We definitely recommend Batocera if you don't have your system set up yet. This is the system we set up in My Retro Consoleand we are very happy.
In the section How to play? you will have a list of the main emulators (and alternatives) for each Console/System in My Retro Library.

If after a while I no longer want to continue, how can I unsubscribe?

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time.
Go to the section My Account and manage your subscription there.
If you prefer, from the section Contact you can ask us to change or cancel your subscription for you.

What games are included in My Retro Library?

You have the complete and updated list of consoles/systems in the section List of Games of this website.

How do I find out about changes to My Retro Library?

Once you are subscribed you will receive an informative email every time there is a change in My Retro Library with all the details.
Of course, this email will only be for information purposes, in no case will it be for advertising purposes and you will be able to stop receiving them if you wish to do so.
In addition, these changes will be made public on this website under the section Updates.

I don't live in Spain, can I subscribe?

Of course, the subscription is open to everyone.
It is true that we have given priority to the Spanish or European versions when ordering/cleaning them, but the games are the same.

I am not interested in the whole Library, can I subscribe/download a single game?

The price you see marked corresponds to the full subscription price, i.e. if you subscribe you will be entitled to access the entire library and future updates.
However, if you want only a part of the Library you have the option of configure your Hard Disk and we will send it to you physically.

Can petitions be made?

No doubt about it. We are continuously listening to our subscribers to keep improving and expanding My Retro Library.
Once you subscribe you will have access to a form created for this purpose, but you can also use the section Contact of this website.

Can I burn the games to a disc, card or hard drive and play them on my original console?

We have optimised the formats of the games so that they take up as little space as possible while maintaining maximum quality. In this way we make it easier for our subscribers to download and use them.
The original "recordable" formats are very poorly optimised and take up a lot of space. A notable example is Wii's Animal Crossing, which goes from 5GB to 135MB, a reduction of 97%.
Although the available emulators play these games without problems, the consoles on the other hand may fail to read them.

What subscribers say

If they don't convince you, remember that you have a 5-day FREE trial.

"I used the trial period because I was a bit sceptical at first, but boy, does it live up to expectations. It will take me several lifetimes to even open all the games".


"Forget about searching on the Internet, here you have everything in order. If you have any doubts, they answer you immediately. The treatment is the best!